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Tangalla Sri Lanka

Tangalla Sri Lanka

This natural paradise located on the southern part of the island is one of Sri Lanka's popular holiday destinations. Tangalla is one of the best places if you want to relax and get tanned, which can be reached by train and the bus.

Oriental Wall Decor

Oriental Wall Art

One of interesting forms of Oriental art are multi-panel pieces or paintings that form an interesting story or a theme. These Asian art paintings can be hung on your walls together or separately, offering you decorating choices.

Sri Lankan Art

Sri Lankan Art Origins

Influences and origins found in Sri Lanka art mostly come from its native people, their local customs and religious beliefs. But their art has also been shaped by colonial influences coming from the Portuguese and the British.


Pun Kalasa Art

Native to Sri Lanka, Punkalasa (Pun Kalasa) symbolizes peace and prosperity. It stands for "pot of plenty", locally known as gok gediya. The art of making Punkalasa is called Gokkalawa, an exotic and traditional art form.

Sri Lanka Holidays

Sri Lanka Holidays

Learn more about the country behind Lotus artist's inspiration, and its rich historical and cultural background. This beautiful island country is an attractive tourist destination, with a lot to offer to its visitors.

Hand Painted Silks

Hand Painted Silks

This centuries-old art of silk painting is prevalently used throughout Asian countries, as well as some in Africa. In contemporary art hand painted silks have many different uses, adding a touch of sophistication to interior home decor.