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Lotus Sunrise brochure

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If you wish you can see an online version of Lotus Sunrise Designs' brochure. This link will take you to the Yudu website, displaying an interactive version of the brochure.

Design Options

Choose from Wall Hangings, Cushion Covers, and Table Cloths

[Lotus Sunrise designs are currently unavailable to order.]

All Lotus Sunrise designs lend themselves to be fashioned into decorative cushion covers, wall hangings and hand painted table cloths.

Simply select your preference of design from any collection, then select the format of soft furnishing you wish your custom made art piece to be made in. The artist will then create your piece based on your choice of design, format style and size (sizes are listed next to items).

Decorative wall hangings

Wall hangings are created based on a reproduction of the original design reference, but on a scale according to your selected size. All prices are in Australian dollars.

Wall hangings from medium size to the XX large size are finished with a fabric backing and fabric loops for hanging on a dowel or rod. The small size is neatly trimmed and is more appropriate for displaying in a frame.

 Small  21 × 30 cm  $29
 Medium  42 × 59 cm  $49
 Large  59 × 84 cm  $89
 XLarge  94 × 136 cm  $189
 XXLarge  110 × 157 cm  $249

Decorative cushion covers

Cushion covers and table cloths are created in a design layout identical, or near to the original design reference and scaled to your selected size. Cushion covers come finished with decorative tassels on corners.

 Small  30 × 30 cm  $29
 Medium  40 × 40 cm  $39
 Large  60 × 60 cm  $59

Hand painted table cloths

Tablecloths may be crafted using a slight variation of a design's composition, but still keeping with the design's originality, to create a layout more befitting for a table piece. Tablecloths are finished with a neat hemline.

 Small  90 × 90 cm  $69
 Medium  130 × 180 cm  $89
 Large  147 × 230 cm  $109

Creation process - anticipated delivery times

Each order is custom made to the individual's choice of design and size, not pre-mass produced. Therefore, the element of time is needed to create a quality hand painted piece, and to retain the tradition of old world style and charm in custom made art. Delivery may take up to 2-8 weeks from the date of a placed order (depending on the artist's workload).

If you would like any further information, please contact us. Details can be found on the contact page.

To place your order for Lotus Sunrise designs, go to our Ordering page.

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