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Lotus Sunrise brochure

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If you wish you can see an online version of Lotus Sunrise Designs' brochure. This link will take you to the Yudu website, displaying an interactive version of the brochure.


Lotus Sunrise news, changes and updates on this website

New articles added

List of the most recently added articles can be seen on the home page, while the more recent articles can be seen on our new, Updates page.

New Website Design

Photo Album images

December 2011 - If you're a new visitor to our site you might not notice it. But our loyal visitors will notice the new look of this site. It's been 7 years since our website was originally created. There have been many changes and updates, but this is a new comprehensive update.

There are many new pages added, including new Galleries pages, which feature each of Lotus designs collections on a separate page. Each design can be viewed separately in full size, with full description. Just click on image thumbs to view individual designs. The new Galleries will make it easy for you to flick through the Lotus designs. Each of the galleries is also linked to their respective Collections page, with artist's detailed interpretation of each design.

You will also find new artist's Photo Album page for those of you who are Galactica fans - see picture on the right. And of course this News page will keep you updated on anything new related to this site.

New collection added!

A new collection has been added - Circle of Tribes. This design collection has a Battlestar Galactica theme. Currently there is an original typeface available to create any words, phrase or name to be hand painted onto calico bags, ideal to be used as shopping bags. To see the typeface and a sample of a name, please click on the 'Circle of Tribes' button at right.

Coming Soon Collection

“Call of the Wild”

This next collection is already work in progress with two designs now complete. The designs that will be created for “Call of the Wild” will be a celebration of the animal kingdom. A selection of some of the best-loved animals around the world will grace these designs with their inherent majesty, charm and beauty, such as the elephant, big cats, the mischievous monkey, graceful birds, and man’s faithful friend, the dog (just to name a few of the “Wild” ideas to come).

The sixth house of Lotus Sunrise designs, is sure to appeal to those who appreciate God’s creatures, great or small, created, `a la mode de Lotus Sunrise’s trademark style of “line art”. My own love and respect for animals will pay tribute to this world’s magnificent living things.

Did you know that the Elephant signifies qualities such as patience, wisdom and chastity? Also, because of its size and strength, the elephant symbolizes power and according to Buddhist tradition, a white elephant is the symbol of royalty.

Man’s loyal companion, was immortalized in the heavens by the ancient Greeks, in the constellation Canis Major (The Great Dog). According to mythology, Lalaps was a dog that could outrun anything it pursued. However, it met its match eventually when Lalaps encountered a fox that ran even faster then him. It seemed the great dog and the fox would race each other eternally, and so Zeus intervened turning them both into stone, and placing them in the sky among the stars. Canis Major is just one of Orion’s (the great hunter) canine celestial companions.

This is just a mere sample of the meaningful design descriptions that will accompany each of the forthcoming designs in “Call of the Wild” collection. You can get to know more about your favourite animals’ ancient meaning and symbolism, and find a design that calls to your “wild” side.

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