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Jewel Fair

Myths and romantic legends are captured in Lotus Sunrise 4th collection

You are now viewing the ‘Jewel Fair' Collection. With fragments of Egyptian-inspired art, this collection also shares an intimate connection with myth and romantic legends. There are 4 great designs in this, 4th Lotus Sunrise collection. To view these designs in large size, go to the Gallery 4 page.

The Shah of Rubies

The Shah of Rubies

Fabled in the East as the drop of blood from the heart of Mother Earth, this design exalts the legendary ruby in a rich ornate composition, radiating its fiery and passionate brilliance. Resting in the warm glow of a unique and intricate gold setting, this majestic gem is accompanied by sparkling clusters of rubies, each holding a fire and mystery of their own. Offsetting the throne of the Shah, are dazzling lotus-shaped cut rubies, set upon golden stems, cradled by graceful leaves.

Burmese legend has it that a great fearsome dragon called Naga, laid three magical eggs. Out of the first egg came the king of Burma, from the second, the great Chinese emperor, and out from the third flowed all the rubies ever found and yet to be discovered in Burma. This 'king of stones' is known to symbolize prosperity, royalty and power, with healing properties to cleanse the heart, liver and blood, improving blood circulation and clearing the mind. If worn as jewelry, the ruby will indicate misfortune or illness evident in its owner's vibrations by changing to a pale or darker colour. The Shah of Rubies is the stone of inspiration for lost tales of romantic legends, beholding an eternal legacy of noble beauty and grandeur.

  Fountain of Emeralds
Fountain of Emeralds In this design, an ornamental fountain encrusted with glittering emeralds, is eternally watered by the pots of wisdom and joy. Twin feathered creatures, reminiscent of the mythical griffin, support the watering pots, gazing protectively over the majestic fountain with soothing emerald eyes. Ancient tales tell that emeralds were found in the nests of griffins. And being a creature that was half eagle and half lion, a mere mortal in want of the precious stones, would have been no match for their mighty ferocity. However the griffin was also a sacred guardian to the Greek gods Apollo and Athena, and therefore became known as a symbol of wisdom. Further glorifying this evergreen stone, associated with spring, rain and fertility, is a border of channel-set emeralds, twinkling with rich, velvety tones. Centered above the fountain is a superior emerald jewel, inviting the eye of the beholder to gaze into it, for it is said that emeralds can give their owners the gift to fortell the future.
  Celestial Sapphires
Celestial Sapphires

The orient tells an enchanting belief behind the star sapphire. The legend says that the inclusions that create a star pattern in a sapphire or ruby, are three shafts of light formed by three benign spirits. Due to a small misdemeanour, they have been imprisoned in the stone. Their names translate as Faith, Hope and Destiny. Known as legendary bearers of good fortune, these three good spirits will reward their owners with success in their daily dealings, for the spirits can only observe, rather than take part in affairs of the world. Here, in a strikingly unique composition, beautiful star sapphires dance with light, capable of captivating even the most despondent of hearts.

Glowing with life-giving warmth, are half-sun motifs that shimmer watchfully in their celestial domain. Pineapple line work manifests throughout the design, strengthening the fruitfulness of the sapphires' good omen. Adding to the quilt-like pattern, are inlayed corners of delicate Egyptian-inspired lotus motifs, mirrored in a heavenly hue, while gold flowers resembling six-pointed stars, offer meaning of universal balance. The star sapphire's healing attributes include curing fever, skin problems, enhancing longevity and youthful appearance, with blessings that confer tranquility, peace of mind, happiness, fidelity and spiritual enlightment. In addition to the spiritual symbolism and exquisite beauty of this gem, Eastern fable also tells that star sapphires are the divine sparks that fell to Earth from the Star of Bethlehem.

  Mystic Amethyst
Mystic Amethyst An auspicious design, bearing the mystical Egyptian-inspired wadjet eye (or Eye of Horus) is recreated here in stylised line art. Placed within the ancient magical symbol of luck and protection of the sky god, is an amethyst that pulsates with a cosmic sparkle, gazing in silent vigil. Rows of lotuses touched with gold, incorporated with petite amethysts create a rich filigree border effect. Followed by an outer frame of round-cut amethysts glistening like goblets dipped in the juice of grapes, are imbeded in gold cabochons. Known as the stone of sincerity, peace and humility, the amethyst also amplifies psychic abilities and aids meditation. Healing properties are attributed to curing drunkeness, cancer, cleansing the blood and assisting mental dissorders, hence the beautiful purple gem is attuned to the crown and third eye chakras, inspiring second sight.

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