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Lotus Sunrise 2nd collection is filled with sweet and delightful blossoms

Continue your journey with the ‘Blossoms' Collection. The blossoms emit their sweet and delightful perfume upon the season's balmy air, as their petals open gracefully. There are 4 floral designs in this 2nd Lotus Sunrise collection. To view these designs in large size, go to the Gallery 2 page.

Frangipanis of Happiness

Frangipanis of Happiness Like jewels of summer, these blossoms emit their sweet and delightful perfume upon the season's balmy air, as their petals open gracefully. Delicate blends of yellow, vermilion and magenta imbue these frangipani motifs that express a joyful poetic song, harmonised by rhythmic leaves and creepers. Frangipanis are beautifully made into colourful lies in many islands of Polynesia and in Asia, given as a token of welcome and wishes for happiness, good health, fortune and friendship.
  Heavenly Roses
Heavenly Roses Standing in elegant grandeur, a pyramid rises above mystic sands. Encased are sacred roses, red-pink in hue, fragrant as the musk of paradise. Rich creeper work nestle these majestic flowers, as they climb towards the heavens. Stylised golden butterflies flank the pyramid peak, their wings reflect the shimmer of the stars above that guard the gates to the gods of Pharaoh. In ancient times, the deepest red roses were chosen to make a precious perfume called rose water. This sweet and exotic fragrance became an expensive luxury, highly sought by maharajas and sultans alike. Divine in beauty and perfume, the rose also became a universal symbol of love.
  Hibiscus Queen
Hibiscus Queen Bright tropical motifs of hibiscus blossoms, laid in four corners like flower godesses, unfold their luxurious petals of sunburst yellow and ruby red centres. Interlacing jungle creepers create a flow of life from flower to flower, and fireflies, seen as glowing tiny points of light, against a velvety midnight background of a warm summer's eve, follow the rhythmic path of the creeper work. At the hub of this enchanting world is a splendourous hibiscus queen nestled among her foliage as though upon a throne, gazing out serenely to her royal court. The hibiscus flower symbolizes delicate beauty and according to ritual, young maidens in Hawaii and Tahiti, decorate their hair with hibiscus blossoms to show to the young men that they are ready for courtship.
  Peaceful Lotus
Peaceful Lotus In Buddhist art, the lotus flower represented the birth of Buddha. Concepts such as prosperity, peace, spiritual purity and wisdom are symbolised by the lotus. In a diamond frame, this eloquent white lotus and buds gleam with a pearlescent hue, bathed in warm sunlight, while being cradled by graceful lotus leaf and delicate vines. Guarding each side of the diamond pond and the outer corners are stylised lotus motifs with faithful creeper and leaves. This beautiful and perfect blossom is revered and honoured in name and as patron flower of ‘Lotus Sunrise Designs', paying respectful homage to the artist's great grandfather's Buddhist faith.

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