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Lotus Sunrise brochure

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If you wish you can see an online version of Lotus Sunrise Designs' brochure. This link will take you to the Yudu website, displaying an interactive version of the brochure.

About the Artist

The artist at Lotus Sunrise

The artist, Sally H, (pictured at right) behind Lotus Sunrise was born from a mixed racial heritage. One of her family roots stems back to Sri Lanka (Asia), the source from where her passionate interest in Sinhalese art tradition developed, over the last nine years.

For many years, the artist has been based in the Oceania region, where a tropical atmosphere gave rise to her website's first colleciton of designs. Using the unique manner of stylised line work adapted from the study of Sri Lanka's age old native art, she applies this form to the many subject matters she has been inspired to create designs with.

Fine, artistic and rythmic lines breathe life into patterns and motifs to represent flora and fauna (both real and mythical) as well as daily surroundings and scenes. The artist lovingly produces each piece with vibrant colours from her palette in fresh, tropical, bold and flamboyant images that can be atmospheric anywhere the design's impressions transport the imagination to.

Each collection is animated with a visual journey that aims to imbue the viewer, not only with the artist's interpretation, but also with the viewer's own personal relation to the subject of a design.

Descriptions accompany each design, explaining the meanings behind the works, and providing a visionary extension, ambient of the design and beyond, enhancing the viewer's own mental image, inspiriting the composition.

The original Lotus Sunrise website was created in April 2004 and has since gone through many changes and additions in its 9-year existence. This current website re-design is the most recent, done in mid December 2011. We expect to have more content added to the site during this year and continue on next year.

If you have any questions or comments for Sally, she can be reached via Contact us page. logo