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Punkalasa and Sri Lankan Art Designs

Original hand painted artwork, oriental wall art, decorative cushion covers, calico bags and hand painted table cloths

Lotus Sunrise Designs create hand painted textiles that are original art deco pieces, based on Sri Lankan traditional art designs. Each Sri Lankan Punkalasa design is an inspiration drawn from the living pulse of life, resonating a spirit of its own.

The artist presents an array of varied collections that are refreshing and strikingly different. In addition to creating the art, Lotus Designs transforms it into decorative soft furnishings, serving as functional oriental wall art pieces, while beautifying the home or workplace.

Choose below from the latest Lotus art design collections. These unique home interior Sri Lankan art designs are especially created to be used as decorative wall hangings, cushion covers or tablecloths, and shopping bags, produced on 100% natural (unbleached) calico.

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Sri Lanka Events and Festivals

Sri Lanka's Events and Festivals
If you travel to this island country for a visit or a holiday, plan to attend at least one of its many festivals. These events are held in different parts of the country, celebrating religious holidays and other events of national importance.

Tangalla Sri Lanka

Tangalla Sri Lanka
This natural paradise located on the southern part of the island is one of Sri Lanka's popular holiday destinations. Tangalla is one of the best places if you want to relax and get tanned, which can be reached by train and the bus.

Oriental Wall Decor

Oriental Wall Art
One of interesting forms of Oriental art are multi-panel pieces or paintings that form an interesting story or a theme. These Asian art paintings can be hung on your walls together or separately, offering you decorating choices.


Pun Kalasa Art
Native to Sri Lanka, Punkalasa (Pun Kalasa) symbolizes peace and prosperity. It stands for "pot of plenty", locally known as gok gediya. The art of making Punkalasa is called Gokkalawa, an exotic and traditional art form.

  Lotus Sunrise Design Collections

Original hand painted art deco pieces especially created for oriental wall decor, cushion covers, or table cloths. All pieces are unique and hand painted individually upon your order, produced on 100% natural (unbleached) calico. Each design collection contains 4-6 unique designs based on a particular theme and featuring oriental art, Sri Lankan art designs and Sinhalese line art drawings, including Punkalasa art designs.

Island of Wonders

Island of Wonders collection

Six vibrant designs inspired by magical island paradise

 Jewel Fair

Jewel Fair collection

Four rich designs of majestic gems from Morther Earth

Shaken not Stirred

Shaken not Stirred collection

Four cool cocktail designs inspired by 'best' secret agent

 Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild collection

Four animal designs reflect the grace, charm and dignity


Blossoms collection

Four floral designs "emit" their sweet summer blossom


Seaside collection

These 4 designs will take you to a quiet seaside cove

Circle of Tribes

Circle of Tribes collection

Calico shopping
bags in Battlestar Galactica print style

Coming soon collections

There are six new design collections planned to be added to the Lotus Sunrise range of unique hand painted designs. This will complete the total of 13 design collections.

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Design collections galleries

 Lotus Designs Galleries
We have created an image gallery for each of our 7 currently available home design collections. Each image is of large size and accompanied by a short description. Browse through our image galleries for a quick reference to Lotus line art collections.

Sally H - Lotus Designs artist

 About the Artist
One of Lotus Sunrise artist family roots stems to Sri Lanka, which has been the source of her inspiration to create Sinhalese line art traditional designs, fused with non-traditional subjects. This brings about a variety of rich Sri Lankan art designs, imbued with tradition, both real and mythical.

Ordering information

 Options and Ordering
To purchase one or more of unique Lotus designs from our current design collections, go to our Options page for detailed information on available options. Then complete the online form on Ordering page to place your order. Enquiries are welcome.

How Artist Creates Lotus Designs Collections

Each collection begins with an inspired theme to create a series of art designs. The artist spends extensive time researching and studying reference material to assist the creative flow and artistic invention. The individual art design starts as a sketch of raw inspiration, transferred into images and shapes, thus creating a unique arrangement. A palette of colours, carefully selected and blended, are added to the images and finished with line work, outlining and defining the patterns and motifs with character and life.

Lotus Sunrise Designs fuse the oriental culture of line art with Sri Lankan traditional art designs and non-traditional subjects, creating a range of designs that express aesthetic sentiments ... universally. This blend of tradition and modernity, mythology and real life, results in unique oriental wall art designs, on a variety of subjects, with a universal appeal.

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Artist's Articles
For more articles about Lotus artist inspirations and other interests, see Lotus' Facebook page.